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Paracosm YA is proud to join the lineup of amazing artists performing at the Austin Dance Festival Youth Edition.

On July 17th, Rone Harris, Izi Seitz, and Gryffin Toavs will perform a revamping of Alyssa Johnson's "Strings" - originally created for theater in the round and now adapted for the Rollins Theater at the Long Center.

"Strings" was built in tandem with composer Izi Seitz, who created original music for the piece.


"Strings" is the amalgamation of the many creative endeavors our company took during our quarantine process – both apart and in person, as we were able.


Exploring choreography in a mandala-like sense, we took time to digest vocabularies and explore their possibilities before letting them go.  We assumed that most of this work would only show in spirit, though we were granted the opportunity to bring some of this physical work to the public via the creation of this trio for Shakti Moves Dance Company’s "Through the Looking Glass."


"Strings" premiered March 26th, 2022, where it ran for 2 weeks with 5 sold out shows.


We are thrilled to bring it back to the stage and share Alyssa's choreography, Izi's music, and the dynamic movement of the Paracosm YA dancers.

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