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I find it ironic that the issue of unnatural climate change is something that we humans have created, yet we remain ignorant towards the subject. The refusal to realize the seemingly never-ending supply of plastic and pollution is mind-blowing to me, and I hope this can serve as an inspiration to research the subject and possibly make goals to do your part in solving this problem. In attending the climate strikes of 2019, I was inspired to create this project and I'm so grateful that I was given this opportunity to put my thoughts out there. I'm "zero-ing" (haha) in on the idea of zero-waste and the issue of pollution in general, but obviously, that's not the only part of this epidemic.


I knew I wanted to present this project in a type of art form, and coincidentally, I needed to direct and create a photoshoot for Paracosm at the time, so the timing was perfect. Alyssa and I collaborated and came up with the idea of a "garbage suit", which you can see me wearing in the presentation, to imply the idea of human-kind constantly being surrounded by waste and pollution.  The suit itself was created by Paracosm's Head of Cosume, Dustyn, who brought the vision to life. 


The photoshoot was taken in The Cathedral of Junk, a location local to Austin, again, to insight the notion that we as people are consumed by "junk".

-Gryffin Toavs


Creative Director: Gryffin Toavs

Photographer: Alyssa Johnson

Costume Design: Dustyn Shehane

Location: Cathedral of Junk

Producer: Paracosm Dance & Paracosm YA

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