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Summer Intensive
July 3-8, 2022

1 week of exploration...38 hours of movement

For the first time ever, Paracosm Dance is offering a 1-week summer intensive for teen dancers in Austin, Texas. 


With 38 hours of specially curated movement blocks, dancers will experience the fierce dynamism that drives the Paracosm technique, informs the Paracosm artistry, and fuels the Paracosm performance. 


Located in the aerial warehouse we call home – Blue Lapis Light Studios – participants in the program will immerse themselves in the world of Paracosm Dance & Paracosm YA, undertaking sustainable training regiments, flowing through deep-dive rehearsals, experimenting with gravity (literally), and creating (deepening) community. 

Dancers will take classes from the Paracosm mentors, including founder and artistic director Alyssa Johnson, and special guest artists.  They will have the opportunity to meet and dance with members of both the professional company and our youth program, Paracosm YA, with the option to audition for PYA’s 2022-2023 season. 


The intensive will introduce participants to Paracosm’s unique approach to dance education and artistic creation, offering a week of outside inspiration and self-exploration…and 38 hours of rigorous, satisfyingly exhausting movement (with a healthy amount of restoration intentionally placed).


Starting Sunday, July 3rd at 10am and ending Friday, July 8th at 5pm, dancers in the program will have 6 full days of movement.  Participants will be sent the official schedule upon acceptance to the intensive.


The curriculum includes Paracosm’s unique technique class – a blend of classic modern and ballet with contemporary martial arts and tricking – Horton, floorwork and acrobatic flow, Yoga, as well as contemporary ballet, all taught by our resident PYA mentors. 


From our guest artists, we have Samba, Capoeira, harness work, and hip hop.  Also on the schedule is choreographic composition and Paracosm repertoire with Alyssa, a dive into TheraBand conditioning, and a look into the world of dance photography.  The week will conclude with a public showing of a new piece, created during the intensive. 

Apply Here (applications close June 29th, 2022)
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Thanks for submitting!

Application stressing you out?  We feel you. 

We'll make this simple.  Firstly, we need your name, your age, and your email (or the email of your parent/guardian).

Secondly, we need a 1-3 minute video of you moving.  That's it!  Show us some improv, maybe some choreography...we aren't picky!  Try to throw in some of your range, for sure.  DO NOT OVERTHINK THIS.  Ideally, you'll pull up your recording device and just go off to whatever music (or silence) is inspiring you.  (Or just upload something you already have!)

And thirdly, we do need a resume...kind of.  If you've got one, sweet.  Upload it.  If not, no stress.  None.  Just type out your experience on a word document and upload the thing.  No fancy fonts.  Grammar not considered.  Just let us know you are experienced enough to be safe at this intensive!

If you have trouble providing a link to the video, you can email (and ask her any questions you may have.)


Dates: July 3-8, 2022

Times: Roughly 10am-4pm each day (exact schedule to be sent out to accepted applicants)

Location: Blue Lapis Light Studios

Tuition: $300

Ages: 12-19

Participant Requirements:

  • 2 years of dance training - any form


  • 2 years of any movement modality...martial arts, gymnastics, etc.


  • 1 year of ballet preferred

  • An insatiable curiosity for artistic exploration

*APPLICATIONS CLOSED* Thank you to all who applied!  

For those interested in joining our available drop-in classes, see the welcome packet below! The circled classes are open to the public. Register for the available classes on our Take Class page!

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