Alyssa Johnson

Founder and artistic director of Paracosm Dance, Alyssa began her training with the Brockus Conservatory in LA where she was introduced to her movement foundations of Luigi Jazz and the Lester Horton Technique.  Integrating mixed martial arts with parkour and tricking, she then furthered her training at Alonzo King LINES Ballet and UC Berkeley.


She danced as a soloist with Peninsula Ballet Theater under the artistic direction of David Fonnegra, and performed in works by Copious Dance Theater’s Kat Roman, BrickaBrack Theater’s Gabriel Grilli, and Scott Wells & Dancers. She danced as a guest artist with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater for Judith Jamison’s retirement tour and choreographed works under the direction of Joe Goode. For her excellence in dance scholarship and performance, she received the Julia Payne Dance scholarship upon graduating from UCB. She now dances with the critically acclaimed Austin-based contemporary dance company, ARCOS Dance, and Shakti Moves Dance Company,


She is the dance consultant for Royal Misfit Studios.  



Alyssa spent the past 9 years teaching dance across the country in varying contexts, studying dancers' developments and understanding varied teaching methods. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a double major in Dance & Performance Studies and Forensic Anthropology, using her pedagogical, anatomical, neurological, and osteological studies to further the integration of science and dance technique. With that, she has delved into the benefits of movement outside the dance world, working to get all humans moving for their physical and mental health.

Aída Hernandez Reyes
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Having always had a fascination with grooving, climbing, and moving her body, Aída began her dance training at nine years old, learning ballet at a few different local studios in the southwest Austin area. Throughout her middle school and high school years, she began expanding the variety of dance techniques and styles in which she trained. These included many different forms of contemporary and modern dance, hip hop, jazz, and the occasional dabbling in breakdancing, tricking, and aerial silks.


She has participated in summer intensive programs at the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater in New York, Alonzo King Lines Ballet in San Francisco, and a residency in Europe (Dublin, Berlin, and Prague) with Toni Bravo's Diverse Space Youth Dance Theater.


Aída considers herself an artist and a creative, having worked with a range of artistic mediums, from painting and printmaking to stage and video performance.


Aída graduated from the Paracosm YA company in the spring of 2020 and is now a student at the University of Texas. She is pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts in the Theatre and Dance department. She is a part of the Paracosm company as an artist and a mentor for the Paracosm YA company! Yay!


She is interested in using dance and movement creation as catharsis and creating inclusive spaces for artists to explore. As a queer 5'0" brown Latina, she had her struggles growing up in the toxic and Eurocentric traditional ballet world. She now strives to reclaim her place in the dance world and discover how she can participate in creating dance spaces that are accepting and exciting for all bodies and identities

Daniel Broxton

Daniel Broxton has been dancing since he was 8 years old. He started dancing professionally after graduating from High School.


He currently directs two dance teams, Dare To Dream Hip Hop Team, and New Genesis. Daniel has been an instructor for many studios in Austin and has choreographed for different shows, local artists, and videos.


Daniel thinks of himself as an artist first and a dancer second. His goal is to connect the Austin dance community and help provide more opportunities for dancers.

Mattias Alegro Marasigan
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Mattias is the owner/founder of Royal Misfit Studios, a video production company based out of Austin, TX. He started working with dancers in 2016, capturing performances and workshops, before moving on to creating films with or involving dance. One collaboration, Better Shape Up, was an official selection of Austin Dance Festival in 2019, and others have screened in classrooms for educational purposes throughout central Texas. With Paracosm he not only strives to pass on filmmaking knowledge and education garnered over the past decade, but also help document the vast creativity coming from these exceptional dancers. The goal is to create many dance films along with Alyssa and her students/members.


When he's not capturing dance on film, Mattias can be found pursuing content creation of all kinds in his spare time. Whether it's finally getting his podcast off the ground, making film behind-the-scenes videos for his YouTube channel, or writing his next big screenplay. He studied under Richard Robichaux for a 2-year Meisner Intensive for acting, and his various on-set experience, both in front of and behind the camera, along with over 15 years in the editing suite, has allowed him to work full time as a video producer bringing new stories to life. You can keep up with his exploits at OR collaborate with his company by visiting

Annie Hartkemeyer
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Annie has over five years of experience teaching yoga and various movement modalities. She worked for four years as a yoga therapist at a neurology practice, where she helped patients re-pattern neural pathways for muscle movement, rebuild their strength, and address chronic pain via meditation, breath techniques, yoga, and other physical and alignment-based work. She has extensive experience teaching pre and postnatal yoga, and considers it an honor to work with women during this incredibly special time in their lives. She is passionate about her work with veterans and those suffering from PTSD, and volunteer teaches regularly at veteran centers and domestic violence shelters across the five boroughs. Annie has taught movement, wellness, and yoga workshops in many corporate and hospitality environments including Condé Nast, Misha Nonoo, the Shimano Bikes pop up store, the Park Avenue Hyatt, Lloyd's Banking Group, the United Nations (where she teaches regularly), and many more. 

Annie has a private practice in Brooklyn, and offers in-home yoga, yoga therapy, rehabilitative movement, and healing sessions. These one-on-one sessions are extremely focused on whatever the individual needs, and she takes great joy in helping clients discover their ability to heal themselves. Her clients range in experience levels and profession -- everyone from students to marathon runners to CEOs to Grammy Award winners.  

Annie is also a professional actor and studied at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, where she is now on faculty in the movement department.

See more of her work (and take some classes!) at