Isabella Burke


A 15 year old mixed media artist whose main medium of art is movement/dance.


Isabella has danced for most her life, but only in the last 6 years found her movement home in modern dance. Isabella dances with Paracosm YA and Diverse Space Youth Dance Theatre here in Austin.


She was the brains and director behind "I Hate White Liquidy Things" an evening length mixed media show produced by Paracosm.


Isabella trains as a dancer and artist in hopes of becoming a professional choreographer.

Isabella has a YouTube channel for her art work. At the moment, she has been exploring editing and producing short films.  Her channel has much more to come and is something you should for sure check out;)

Samantha Davis


My name is Sam, I’m 15 years old, and I am a proud member of Paracosm YA.

Most people would describe me as confident, nice, positive, and humble. I don’t think it's great to think about yourself in a way just because some else said it.

I did this experiment asking people to describe me not because I want their validation, but because I wanted to see if they saw me how I see myself.  For the most part, they do, which means they know me.


I try to be someone who you can look at and know everything about them, and I hope you see me too.

Talia Masala


Hi! I’m Talia, a member of the Paracosm YA company, and a lover of dance, music, travel, photography, and all forms of art. 

I like to say that I was born dancing. From a very young age, I was constantly moving my body, but it wasn’t until I was 12 that I really committed to dance and started to get to know myself as a mover. I trained in many different styles such as jazz, hip hop, contemporary, ballet, and modern. I took classes at Balance Dance Studio for a year and then joined one of their youth companies, which I danced with up until I joined Paracosm.

Alyssa and all of the YA members have supported me to develop my skill and passion for dance in ways I never knew possible. I have learned and grown so much, and I have no words to express my gratitude for this wonderful family! <3 

Izabel Seitz


Izabel has been dancing since before she could remember. She has studied many different genres of dance including Bharatanatyam, modern, and aerial silks.


On top of dancing she likes to do basically anything related to the arts. During her free time she loves to draw, write songs, roller-skate, crochet, and learn about things like plants, tarot, and astrology.


She is very passionate about social issues and sustainability and is enrolled in the law and humanities magnet at her school. Bilingual in English and Spanish, she is currently working on learning Korean as well. She is very happy to be a part of this amazing community that is Paracosm.♡

Check out her digital art on IG: @izis_arts 

Online jewelry store via IG:

Gryffin Toavs


Hello, world! My name's Gryffin, and this is my story.


I'm a fourteen-year-old dancer, born in Chicago, but raised here in Austin. I've been dancing since I was eight, this past year and then some with Paracosm, but I was with Toni Bravo at Diverse Space Dance Theater before that.


I also enjoy art, specifically sketching, just as much as I do dancing. I also play a fair amount of videogames and stream them on Twitch. I don't know why that's relevant, but it's there now so... Anyways, that's me! Have a great day!

Twitch Stream: