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Rone Harris


Rone is a recently graduated Paracosm YA student who enjoys dancing for many reasons. A curious dancer, who loves to move with sporadic and odd patterns, Rone grew up homeschooled and is currently growing through his gap year. With a passion for lifting weights, climbing, breath-work, and self-exploration, Rone's drive is rooted within a desire to see himself do things his previous self didn't see possible.

When Rone started dancing at 14, he knew he'd found something his body liked. Through Toni Bravo's Diverse Space Dance Theater, his love for the art was founded and fostered. After dancing with DSDT for 2 years and going on full length tour around Europe with the company, Rone moved away from dance and into the film universe. After working on “Fear The Walking Dead” as an extra for 6 months, he hopped into Paracosm's company and his love for dance multiplied. Since joining in 2020, his passions have only grown and Paracosm has become the birthplace of a deeper movement curiosity. After performing in ADF and SMDC's Through the Looking Glass in 2022, he debuted as a dancer in Paracosm’s professional company with Paracosm’s A Christmas Carol.  

Much of Rone's personality and mannerisms shine in this performance via the intense emotional scenes. He loves to dive deep and dissect how we as humans react to these scenes in different ways. This connects his curious mindset with powerful movement. Rone's biggest role models are his friends, and he hopes to continue learning about the things he feels by expressing them through dance.

Talia Masala


Talia is a founding member of Paracosm YA and a lover of dance, music, travel, and all forms of art.

She likes to say that she was born dancing. From a very young age she was constantly looking for ways to move her body. At age 12, she really committed to dance and started to get to know herself as a mover. She trained in many different styles beginning with hip hop and jazz, then moving into contemporary, ballet, and modern. She took classes at Balance Dance Studio for a year and then joined one of their youth companies, which she danced with up until she joined Paracosm Dance.

Currently, she dances with this wonderful company, and takes ballet and pointe classes. She attended the very first Paracosm summer intensive, and the Modas summer intensive: two immersive and growth instigating dance experiences. She was also a part of Shakti Moves Dance Company's spring show, performing the incredible piece, Mindscape. In the fall, she performed as the sugar plum fairy in the Head to Toe Nutcracker.

Alyssa and all the YA members have supported Talia to develop her skill and passion for dance in ways she never knew possible. Her movement is constantly growing and evolving thanks to Alyssa's training, and her heart and soul are nurtured by the company's incredible culture. She truly has no words to express her gratitude for this beautiful family!

Izabel Seitz


Izi is a dancer and creative in her fourth year with Paracosm. Dancing for as long as she can remember, Izi has trained at Tapestry Dance, Austin Dance India, Blue Lapis Light, and Paracosm Dance in many dance styles including Bharatanatyam, aerial dance, ballet, tap, and modern.

They have performed in Tapestry's Of Mice and Music: A Jazz Nutcracker and Austin Dance India's Girl Power!, a work aligned with the 2016 United Nations Global Goals for gender equity, in addition to featured roles in Paracosm productions. In 2022, they created a role in and composed the music for Strings, which Paracosm was invited to perform at Austin Dance Festival's youth showcase. They were also featured in the 2016 music video for the Les Ray (Lauren Bruno) song "Follow the Light."

In addition to dancing, they are a singer-songwriter learning music production—she has released three singles this year and is working to complete her first album next year—and an illustrator. They performed in, as well as composed the music for, a piece that was featured at ADF with Paracosm. She is currently a sophomore in high school and hopes to pursue a career in the arts in the future. Check out their website to see more of her art at

My YouTube Channel

Gryffin Toavs


Gryffin is a dancer, student, and artist with a focus on growth and self-transcendence in all aspects of his life. This is his 9th year in the dance world; his story began at age 8 when he was introduced to the art of ballet on a class trip here in Austin. He began training with Ballet Austin shortly after and was recruited to Toni Bravo’s company, Diverse Space Dance Theater. After 5 years of dancing and touring with DSDT, Gryffin was introduced to Alyssa and was eager to join Paracosm as it was just beginning to unfold into the vibrant community it is today. He’s loved training with Paracosm; growing with this community Alyssa's built has been life changing.


Aside from dance, Gryffin is an avid guitarist and writer, both of which are expressive outlets and daily practices.


Gryffin still encourages his own growth in ballet but is more focused on the many exploratory elements of dance that define Paracosm. Gryffin believes that dance is more than a form of self-expression; it is a path that changes and adapts as you do. Following it will lead to a greater understanding of self, and of the connections within your mind and body. He looks forward to the twists and turns his relationship with dance will surely bring, knowing they are guiding him along the right path.

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