Rone Harris





Hello everyone! My name is Rone and I am an eighteen year old Dancer/Climber/Nature Enthusiast.

I have been dancing and experimenting with movement from a very young age, and have travelled all throughout Europe studying and learning from all kinds of different people.

I am so incredibly thankful and lucky for all of the friends I have made in all of my time on this journey, and Paracosm is the birthplace of my dance curiosity.

When I’m not dancing you can find me diving deep into one of my many hobbies. Some of those include rock climbing, working on my breathe-work, and generally trying to push myself in most aspects of life!





Talia Masala




Hi! I’m Talia, a member of the Paracosm YA company, and a lover of dance, music, travel, and all forms of art.

I like to say that I was born dancing. From a very young age I was constantly looking for ways to move my body. At age 12 I really committed to dance and started to get to know myself as a mover. I trained in many different styles beginning with hip hop and jazz, then moving into contemporary, ballet, and modern. I took classes at Balance Dance Studio for a year and then joined one of their youth companies, which I danced with up until I joined Paracosm. Currently, I dance with this wonderful company, and take ballet and pointe classes.

Alyssa and all of the YA members have supported me to develop my skill and passion for dance in ways I never knew possible. My movement is constantly growing and evolving thanks to Alyssa’s training, and my heart and soul are nurtured by the company's incredible culture. I truly have no words to express my gratitude for this beautiful family! <3

Izabel Seitz




Hi! I’m Izabel and I’m so happy to be a part of Paracosm again! 

I've loved to dance ever since I was little and have taken all sorts of classes in styles like Bharatanatyam, modern, ballet, aerial silks, and now it’s my third year here at Paracosm.


It’s been an amazing part of my life and I'm so glad to have met everyone here.

On top of dancing I love all other types of art such as drawing and music. I’m currently working on an ep that I hope to release sometime next year. I’m also very interested in linguistics and learning languages.


I’m so excited to keep dancing with the Paracosm family this year and I am so grateful to be apart of it!

My YouTube Channel

Gryffin Toavs


Hi everyone! My name is Gryffin, I'm 16, and I'm an original member of Paracosm YA.

Dance has been a big part of my life for as long as I can really remember. Through seeing shows, and experimenting with dance on my own time, I knew from a young age dance was something I wanted to pursue. That being said, it wasn't until I turned eight that I started dancing officially. I began my journey by spending about a year at Ballet Austin dancing with Toni Bravo before auditioning for her company, Diverse Space Dance Theatre at the age of nine. I was with DSDT for five years, and I ended my time with them with a tour of Europe, visiting and dancing in Dublin, Berlin, and Prague. It was the semester after our trip abroad that I was introduced to Alyssa, and the rest is history! I've loved training with Paracosm; growing with this community Alyssa's built has been life-changing.

Aside from dance, you can find me enjoying other artforms and activities, including drawing, cooking, playing guitar, and rock climbing.

I'm ecstatic thinking about the years to come I'll spend with Paracosm, this company has redefined what I thought I knew about dance, and I couldn't ask for a better environment to be in.