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Multimedia Artists: Welcome

Paracosm Dance is a collective of artists working to create provocative performances. We honor the creative process as much as the publicly shared manifestations of what happens in the studio. We are always looking for more voices! Reach out and let's start a conversation.

Contact Details

Paracosm Dance

10331 Old Manchaca Rd

Unit B

Austin, TX 78748

(909) 697-5162

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Actively Hiring:

Female Presenting Dancers (2)

Male Presenting Dancers (2)

Live Musician (trumpet player)

While we aren't actively hiring for the following fields, we welcome resumes from:


Set Designers

Lighting Designers


Film Makers

Martial Artists


Musicians (any instrument)

Visual Artists

Sound Engineers 

Didn't list your field? Let us know what we are missing!

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